Procedure of entering into SAFIA License Agreement


Please download a License Agreement and make two copies of it, then sign the relevant parts of them.

License Agreement   


Please send two of signed License Agreement to the SAFIA License Group together with two business cards of the applicant by regular mail.
(Please send also Exhibit D in the License Agreement)

SAFIA LICENSE GROUP secretariat's Address

When sending License Agreements by regular mail,
please send the notice to the SAFIA License Group by fax <+81-50-3154-9529> or e-mail < >.

  Notice example @@<pdf file>@@<text file>

Once we have confirmed receipt of two of signed License Agreement and Annual Fee,
we will send you confirmation by e-mail.
At the same time,our signed License Agreement and the not-distributed Specification will be sent by regular mail.


An invoice will be delivered by e-mail,fax or regular mail.
Please transfer an amount of money depending on a category to a designated bank account.